An International Journey

Music is comfort. Music inspires us to be better, to do better, to feel better, to speak better onto others. It motivates us to push through it all. At the very age of just six years old, Freeze knew music was his life, his passion. Randomly taking over the DJ set up at a party when he was six cause of the DJ being drunk at the function, he created his style. It was his first time being behind the turntables. Everyone at the party dancing and carrying on haven't notice yet that the DJ changed to the six year old at the event.

It was at this very day DJ Styles was born. Being six and playing a "Big People" party gave him the Style and push he needed. Over the years he started learning, started progressing. He knew he was born for this. 

His Father's name was DE FREEZE and then in 2010 was his father passed away, he took that name and created a brand. Then in 2010 FREEZE INTERNATIONAL was born. Since 2010, when FREEZE INTERNATIONAL first burst onto the music scene as an official DJ, he taken everyones hearts by storm with his energy and his genuine care for the patrons energy at every event. Over the years Freeze has released some widely anticipated mixes and developed a sound that draws from a plethora of genres, pushing his musical boundaries to new limits each day. Collaborating with some of the biggest artist around, FREEZE INTERNATIONAL is what the world needs to see.